Sobering reading from journalist’s brave confession

I sadly never knew Esther Beadle during my second run at Lang Stracht, even though our spells there overlapped, and we shared mutual friends across the newsrooms in the bunker.  But I wanted to share this remarkable, brave and honest piece of writing by her from earlier this week.

Work looked after me so damn well. He’d have to tell the editor, but that was okay. I was safe. They made it easy enough for me to talk when I needed to. And secure enough to admit when I’d had a blip. They made me brave enough to get my GP to write “alcohol withdrawal” on the sick note. They were marvels. Supportive, compassionate marvels.

Surely alcoholism can’t be that unusual in a newsroom

Her full blog post can be found here, and you should absolutely take the time to read it, properly. I suspect there’s more than a few hacks, especially in Scotland, for whom her words will have particular resonance.  May she continue to show the resilience she’s demonstrated here.