Sunday Herald comes of age

It was snowing 18 years ago.  I’d walked down Ashvale Lane in Aberdeen to the Spar at the bottom of the street, then back up again.  At that time of the morning, in a bitterly cold, wintery Sunday morning, there was pretty much nobody else about.

Much of the next hour or so was spent on the phone to my old colleague and podcasting partner Craig McGill, dissecting pretty much page by page the first edition of the Sunday Herald, and whether it was worth the trudge through the snow. Continue reading “Sunday Herald comes of age”

Scottish newspaper ABCs: Just how low can they go?

What is the lowest circulation point an indigenous Scottish national newspaper can fall to before it becomes economically unsustainable to keep printing?  The answer may soon be revealed after the latest round of ABCs revealed troubling numbers for Scotland’s big super-regionals. Continue reading “Scottish newspaper ABCs: Just how low can they go?”